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Guest Posting

By Earl C. Wingate on December 14, 2016

Why do Kiwis pick CriteFinance?

We make it fair our loans are basic to understand because we pride ourselves on being an accountable loan provider. We provide in between $100 - $5000 over 2 - 170 days to people who can pay for to pay it back.
We make it clear our online sliders to let you select how much you wish to borrow and for how long, then our online calculator shows how much it will cost all up. No concealed expenses, no fine print, and no nasty surprises.

We make it quick our platform guarantees you get the cash as fast as possible. It just takes about 5 minutes to use and as soon as authorized cash will remain in your account is typically 60 minutes.

Who are we
CriteFinance offers a problem-free option to conventional lending institutions. A market leader in New Zealand's FinTech area for digital loaning, our purpose-built software application platform drives substantial effectiveness and total openness typically found in the troublesome procedures of standard financial service companies.

What we do
We provide quick loans for people throughout New Zealand who need cash quickly. Our loans are a short-term option to ease momentary capital issues, so they should not be used on a continuous basis. If you need longer credit options, there might be other finance options to think about.

Guaranteeing Guideline and Compliance
As a signed up Financial Service Provider, CriteFinance prides itself on being an accountable lending institution and is certified in all aspects, with stringent credit requirements and legal requirements for certifying loans. Routine internal audits are also carried out to make sure policies and systems are certified.